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Summer Fandango
a demo Session
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  one f? What is one f? Built around the songs of guitarist/vocalist Christopher Keith, one f is not confined by a particular sound or genre, but flows organically between them. Quick changes in mood, from sincere balladry to all-out rocking, combine seamlessly into a cohesive whole, often in the space of a single song. Layers of sonic texture combine with Keith’s raspy voice and timely lyrics to produce a sound that lives fully in the moment.

one f started as an acoustic ensemble in 2001 when the opportunity to play at a local café presented itself.  Roommates Christopher Keith (guitar and voice) and John Merrill (percussion) persuaded old friend Troy Wenski (guitar) to join them as they unveiled their new sound to a packed house of expectant friends and family.  Happy with the experience, one f approached their neighbor Steve Pierson, a recording engineer at Studio D in Sausalito, to record a 3 song EP.  July and August of 2001 were spent recording and mixing, and the self-produced EP, a demo, was released at a one f show in November, with the help and support of many friends.

2002 brought live music and the exploration of sound, and by mid 2003, a new project consisting of Chris’ older songs began to take shape. This would later become a musical retrospective called hopscotch? Steve Pierson was back at the helm for the hopscotch? record, and Vinny Rodrigues helped get the band’s visual style together for the hopscotch? album cover.

With the 2004 elections coming and the disillusionment of war and empire racing though the hearts and minds of all, Andrew McIntyre (bass), Micah McClain (drums) and Charles Lloyd (guitar) joined one f, to make a political statement and help propel one f even further, by recording The Fuck Bush EP.  With the release of The Fuck Bush EP approaching, James Sowell took over duties on the drums to solidify the backbone of the band.

The band continues to refine its sound and a new roster of songs has been refined from scratch recordings to polished gems, ready to open up a new chapter in the saga of one f. Rock on!

one f:
c.keith – guitar/voice
Charles Lloyd – guitar/voice
Andrew McIntyre – bass/voice
Justin Markovits – drums

Past members:
John Merrill – percussion
Troy Wenski – guitar
Micah McClain – drums
James Sowell – drums