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9/17/03 - Buzz Town

08/23/01 - A letter from Neil

Buzz Town

Wednesday, September 17, 2003
Open Mind Music lets local rock in; Kimya Dawson makes nice with Stephan Jenkins; SF wedding updates and more

Beth Lisick, special to SF Gate
Mission neighborhood hang Doc's Clock celebrated its six-year anniversary Friday, and then on Sunday, did one of those things that have made them so popular over the years  (well, besides pouring those cocktails with a heavy hand): They opened up their doors, without charging a cover, and hosted a local band's CD-release party in the back by the shuffleboard table.

Built around the songs of guitarist/vocalist Chris Keith, One F brought in a bevy of pals to sit in on their celebratory set. Adding layers of texture and moments of randomness to Keith's raspy-voiced ballads and rockers were Vacuum Treehead's Tom Corboline, playing a refreshingly dissonant harmonica solo, Giant Value's Vinnie Rodrigues on drums and one of those guys with an architecturally interesting dreadlock updo playing percussion and, at one point, a PVC pipe.

"Wow, it's like the poor man's didgeridoo," I said to the lady next to me in the bathroom line, who turned out to be Dena Connolly from Giant Value. "Or, like, the white man's didgeridoo," she countered.

And in a perfect segue, you can go see that wise-cracking girl and her band this Sunday, Sept. 21, at Doc's as they celebrate the release of their new CD, In the Trees.