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College Radio Play for the Fuck Bush EP

09/17/03 - Buzz Town

08/23/01 - A letter from Neil

(a letter from Neil)
summer 2001

Listening to your CD, finding it energized, and with an interesting edge, between the guitar (sounds sharp and nice when electrified), congas, and steady melody hung with your voice. The tone changes through the course of the CD, but remains constant, that's nice, taking the listener to different levels, but always with a similar underlying tone--like a magic carpet--what you're sitting on remains the same, but the scenery is always changing. Needs some didgeridoo. Lyrics are nice, but the hate song (the second song),
can't you change that to "Love." Really though, it all slips together nicely, nice melody, not too organic, not too electronic--a good mix my friend. Well done.