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Magic Burgrs Donuts

1. Evil 501 listen
2. Light
3. Drivin' listen
4. Claire
5. Something
6. Stain
7. Bored listen
8. Food for Thought listen
9. Bleed
10. Something Else
11. Same Old Feeling
Audio samples coming soon.
All songs onef © 2009

Released on April 30, 2009, Magic Burgrs Donuts is an epic, sweeping, majestic rock opus destined to take you to places you only dreamed of dreaming of. With its towering waves of sound, it will wash over, cuddle and caress you like you were listening to lullabies in your mother's womb.

  The Fuck Bush EP was recorded, on 8/23/04, at New Improved Recording (Oakland, CA) by Eli Crews/mixed by Steve Pierson in West Hollywood. Micah McClain, of Blackwell, came together with Charles Lloyd, of Vacuum Tree Head, to help one f create its third record and most recent political statement. The FBEP was mastered by Myles Boisen at Headless Buddha Mastering (Oakland, CA).
    Available at Amoeba Music in SF or buy online:
$5.00 7 inch vinyl
or $5.00 CD (postage paid)

  Hopscotch? A full length CD, full of moody songs from our past, recorded, once again, at Studio D in Sausalito, CA. Our good friend, Steve Pierson, is
back as the engineer and also blesses us with some Echo Plex work on the song entitled Matter. We, again, designed the cover art just for you and used original photos taken out in front of our house (children on loan from Petaluma, CA).
    Get your copy now: $7.00 CD (postage paid)
  A self produced, 3 song EP, recorded for a pipe and a bag of weed at Studio D in Sausalito, CA. Engineered by Steve Pierson, with Ryan Romanski in assistance. This record includes 3 extra demos, recorded in one take in Tom Lattanand’s bedroom. Homegrown and house spun by us, for you, with lovingly original photos and artwork.
    Own your copy today: $4.00 CD (postage paid)